Some time between 1907 and 1913 the Cashmere Rifle Range was set up on Cracroft Wilson’s property in Bowenvale valley.

During 1914 various Citizens Defence Corp units were formed as an aid to the Home Defence and Cashmere was one of these.  The club headquarters was formed at the Packwoods Store on the corner of Dyres Pass and Cashmere roads, a rifle range was created in the basement (building since removed due to 2011 earthquake damage).  In the years 1914 – 1915 competitions were held in both shooting and drill for a trophy called the Tait Cup.

The outcome of these units was that in 1916 a Christchurch Miniature Rifle Association was formed.  It was then that the Miniature Rifle clubs took off around Christchurch.  Among these early club were Sumner, New Brighton (who both used local tram sheds), Linwood, Christchurch, Triple Links, Buffaloes, Sydenham (who use the gravel pit in Strickland street – now Bradford park).  There was also Crown and Wards Breweries Clubs.

Cashmere Miniature Rifle club continued at Packwoods Store until 1927 when it moved to its present site at 80 Hunter terrace. The club rooms were built out of proceeds from raffles and was built entirely by its club members.

The club went into recess for a period during the 2nd world war and started again at its completion.  There has been various modifications to the building over the years with a kitchen and toilets be added in the early 70’s.  The range tunnel section was renewed in 1984/85.

The club again changed it name in the early 1980’s to Cashmere Smallbore Rifle Club to align itself with the New Zealand parent body which was called the “New Zealand Smallbore Rifle Association”.   The name was again changed in 2003 to “Cashmere Target Shooting club inc”.  This name changes was also to align the club with the New Zealand parent body which had changed it name to “Target Shooting New Zealand” (TSNZ)


Packwoods Store

Packwoods Store, viewed from Dyres Pass road & Cashmere road corner. Photo taken from Google Street view 2012

Packwoods Store view from Cashmere Road

Packwoods Store, viewed from Cashmere Road. Photo taken from Google street view 2012


Winners President’s Championship 1927


Winners Junior Champions 1926


Winners Juniors Champions 1927


Honors Board Dating back to 1923


The Heathcote river flood 22.06.2013
The club rooms beyond the river